VALUE PROPOSITION - Why is Carson Rollins Unique?

  1. Experience - Unmatched expertise in all aspects of the oil and gas business including exploration & production, midstream: pipeline & gathering, drilling & service company and venture capital.
  2. One stop solution:  With our experience and network of cost effective providers, we can manage all functions including land, operations & abandonment, insurance, accounting & tax preparation coordination, financial reporting, property sale and litigation management.
  3. Cost Effectiveness – By utilizing our own expertise and our network of industry experts only when necessary,  we avoid having to maintain a large in house staff, unlike other asset managers.  Clients are only billed for work performed with minimal overheard.
  4. Flexibility -  Clients have the option as to the breadth and scope of management responsibilities delegated to Carson Rollins, ranging from appointing Carson Rollins’ Principals as officers of the Company, with full authority to execute on its behalf, to specific project work as directed by the client.
  5. Property Sales Expertise – Carson Rollins has a large network of property buyers and relationships with auction companies, investment bankers and A&D advisors.  We have expertise in preparing data rooms, negotiating PSA’s and Assignments and post closing settlements.
  6. Company Dissolution -  Once assets are sold, effort is required to address company obligations , dissolve legal entities in various states, secure release of plugging and environmental bonds, etc.  Carson Rollins has this final “wind-down” expertise.